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Contact sports like hockey, football and Lacrosse often come with an increased risk of injury. Sometimes an unprotected blow to the mouth can damage soft tissues and teeth.

With some of these incidents a single tooth can be so badly damaged that a dentist like Dr. John Freemon might recommend a total extraction. Once any remnants of the tooth’s root have been removed your gums and other traumatized oral tissues.

Once your mouth has healed we can help you understand your dental restoration options. In many of these cases a dental bridge restoration is the preferred option for fully replacing the missing tooth.

The treatment process involves Dr. John Freemon examining the two teeth closest to the void to make sure they are healthy and strong. Then he will carefully remove the enamel layer from each tooth. This leaves behind a pair of dentin abutments that will eventually anchor the dental bridge in in place.

Your dental bridge will be produced in a dental lab. When it is ready you will need to return for a second appointment to have it cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive.

If you live in the Woodstock, Georgia, area and you have just suffered a severe oral trauma, you can call 770-928-0871 to seek emergency treatment at our office.