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Your front teeth are necessary for many functions in your smile, from its ability to chew food to the overall appearance. If a front tooth develops tooth decay, the cavity can be very apparent and uncomfortable. We encourage you to speak with Dr. John Freemon about using a composite dental filling to repair tooth decay in a front tooth.

Drawbacks of cavities on front teeth include an unappealing smile, reduced dental function, and persistent discomfort, but early detection allows us to offer many different treatments to treat the cavity. If the cavity is small, we may be able to use a composite dental filling to repair the tooth. Made with special dental-grade plastic, composite (tooth-colored) dental fillings can be matched to natural tooth enamel with the help of our dentist. We want to ensure your dental filling blends seamlessly with your smile.

After the dental filling material has been shaded and applied to your smile, Dr. John Freemon uses a special ultraviolet light to harden the filling and create a long-lasting bond with the tooth. To make your dental filling last for a long time, brush and floss your teeth regularly to keep your smile clean and free of cavities.

Contact John F. Freemon, DMD, PC at 770-928-0871 today and schedule an appointment with our dentist if you notice symptoms of tooth decay and would like to learn more about composite dental fillings in Woodstock, Georgia.