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A damaged or decayed tooth can ruin your holiday plans, but thanks to advancements in dental technology, CEREC technology can provide same-day dental restorations. With this computer technology, Dr. John Freemon can design and produce a custom-made dental crown in just one visit, providing you with a new smile without taking away from the holidays.

Some of the many benefits that CEREC technology can provide in addition to same-day dental crowns include:

– No temporary crowns: Because CEREC creates single-visit dental crowns, you don’t need to wear an uncomfortable or unstable temporary crown while you wait for the final product to be completed.
– Option for dental fillings: Dental fillings created with CEREC uses an advanced design for increased durability that can last longer than composite dental fillings.
– Precise cut: By milling your dental restorations on site, we can ensure that the restoration meets your needs and provides a flawless fit.
– Durability: CEREC crowns can last a decade or more if you treat them well and care for your smile.

We would be glad to offer more information about the proper care for CEREC crowns in Woodstock, Georgia. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of custom-made CEREC dental crowns and restore your smile during holiday season, we encourage you to schedule a visit with our dentist, Dr. John Freemon, at 770-928-0871 today. We would love to see you at John F. Freemon, DMD, PC!