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The world today is awash in a wide variety of oral hygiene products designed to address many common oral healthcare needs. Some of these products employ dubious or exorbitant claims to lure the consumer to use their sub-par products. To help consumers spot the difference between a quality oral care product and one that just has cosmetic value, the American Dental Association employs their Seal of Acceptance program.

Since its inception in 1931, it has become the industry standard of quality for participating manufacturers.

An oral hygiene product manufacturer can submit a product to the program on a voluntary basis. The American Dental Association then tests the active ingredients for safety and its effectiveness as part of a daily oral hygiene routine. If the product meets the rigorous guidelines, it will receive approval for having the Seal of Acceptance printed on the label.

The American Dental Association also posts an index of all approved products on their website. This allows people to research oral hygiene products in the comfort of their smartphone or computer.

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