How to Keep Your Gums From Moving Away From Your Teeth

If your gums move away from the base of your teeth, then you suffer from gum recession. Gum recession typically occurs when the gums are irritated enough and regularly to shrivel up and expose the tooth roots. This can cause tooth sensitivity and an unattractive smile. If it gets bad enough, it can even compromise… Read more »

Is Your Tooth Sensitivity a Symptom of Tooth Decay?

Have you heard that tooth sensitivity can be a side effect of tooth decay? If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, we encourage you to log any instances of discomfort and notify Dr. John Freemon at your next dental checkup so that we can better evaluate your smile. To learn more about the link between tooth… Read more »

Gift Yourself a New Smile With CEREC

A damaged or decayed tooth can ruin your holiday plans, but thanks to advancements in dental technology, CEREC technology can provide same-day dental restorations. With this computer technology, Dr. John Freemon can design and produce a custom-made dental crown in just one visit, providing you with a new smile without taking away from the holidays…. Read more »

Take Care of Your Smile with Dental Floss

  Building a better smile often requires removing risks that can easily damage it. Eating on a daily basis can easily damage your smile through dental erosion and similar enamel damaging tactics. Thus, oral hygiene routines such as brushing and flossing will be needed to adequately clean your smile on a daily basis. Thus, it… Read more »

Why Pregnant Women Get Gum Disease

Were you aware that pregnant women are perhaps more at risk for gum disease and tooth decay? Fortunately, with a tiny amount of help from our practice, you can keep your mouth clean even during pregnancy. Here’s a little bit of information on gingivitis and why it occurs in women having children so regularly; we… Read more »

Ask About a Dental Filling to Repair Tooth Decay on a Front Tooth

Your front teeth are necessary for many functions in your smile, from its ability to chew food to the overall appearance. If a front tooth develops tooth decay, the cavity can be very apparent and uncomfortable. We encourage you to speak with Dr. John Freemon about using a composite dental filling to repair tooth decay… Read more »

How Does My Dentist Treat a Cracked Tooth?

If you have a cracked tooth, it’s best to contact John F. Freemon, DMD, PC at 770-928-0871 and schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. John Freemon. That way you can treat the chomper before the crack gets worse and causes more damage. Luckily, there are many treatments available to help you and your cracked… Read more »

Oral Health Care Holiday Season Basics: Dental Abrasion

Dental abrasion occurs when your tooth enamel is extremely sensitive and in a weakened state. If you are not careful, you can do further harm to your tooth enamel, even through the use of cleaning products. Dental abrasion typically arises due to the consumption of candy, which will be at the forefront of the Halloween… Read more »

Signs and Symptoms of Candidiasis

Candidiasis, also referred to as thrush or oral thrush when it affects the oral cavity, is a type of infection caused by Candida, a yeast. Although Candida typically exist in the mouth, they can cause infection if they grow unproportionately to the bacteria in your oral cavity. Here are a few facts you should recognize… Read more »

What is Involved in an Extraction?

Although in many cases, it is preferable to try to save a tooth rather than extract it, there are occasions in which a extraction is inevitable. An impacted wisdom tooth will require an extraction. If you are getting braces or having other orthodontic work done, extractions may be needed to accommodate the new dental work…. Read more »