Taking Care of a Knocked-out Tooth

Accidents happen. Unfortunately, they are a part of life. No matter how careful you are, you can sustain a blow to the mouth from a slip or fall, and accident, or while playing sports. If you lose a tooth because of an accident, you need to stay calm. If you can locate the tooth, there… Read more »

Proper Dental Veneer Care Can Help Your Smile Last Longer

Do you have minor tooth damage or would like to address tooth flaws to have beautiful teeth? Our dentist, Dr. John Freemon can help you determine if you could benefit from dental restorations such as dental veneers. To keep your dental veneers and new smile looking clean and pristine, we offer some dental care tips… Read more »

The Basic Intel on Dental Implants

Are you considering a dental implant? If so, you have come to the right place! There are multiple dental procedures which makes it hard to understand which option is best for you. That is why we are happy to help you know more about dental implants, so you know if this treatment option is best… Read more »

A Dental Bridge Might Be Able to Replace a Badly Damaged Tooth

Contact sports like hockey, football and Lacrosse often come with an increased risk of injury. Sometimes an unprotected blow to the mouth can damage soft tissues and teeth. With some of these incidents a single tooth can be so badly damaged that a dentist like Dr. John Freemon might recommend a total extraction. Once any… Read more »

Yummy Foods That Can Stain Your Teeth

Time and food can both create havoc on your oral health and the color of your teeth. That is why teeth-whitening treatments today have become extremely popular. There are some foods and drinks that we consume in our everyday life that also add stains or discoloration to your teeth. Your dentist, Dr. John Freemon in… Read more »

Build Your Best Smile by Preventing Dental Damage

One of the biggest risks to an individual smile occurs in the form of dental damage. Dental damage can arise immediately and cause severe oral accidents and injuries. In a few moments, a single blow to your face can destroy your smile for many years to come. Thus, it is important that you are always… Read more »

Toothache Troubles? We Have Answers

If you have a toothache, you probably have some questions, including how to relieve the throbbing pain and how to prevent future toothaches. We would like to help you by offering some information on how to handle toothaches. Some common reasons for a toothache may include include: – infection in the gums – abscessed tooth… Read more »

How to Keep Your Gums From Moving Away From Your Teeth

If your gums move away from the base of your teeth, then you suffer from gum recession. Gum recession typically occurs when the gums are irritated enough and regularly to shrivel up and expose the tooth roots. This can cause tooth sensitivity and an unattractive smile. If it gets bad enough, it can even compromise… Read more »

Is Your Tooth Sensitivity a Symptom of Tooth Decay?

Have you heard that tooth sensitivity can be a side effect of tooth decay? If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, we encourage you to log any instances of discomfort and notify Dr. John Freemon at your next dental checkup so that we can better evaluate your smile. To learn more about the link between tooth… Read more »

Gift Yourself a New Smile With CEREC

A damaged or decayed tooth can ruin your holiday plans, but thanks to advancements in dental technology, CEREC technology can provide same-day dental restorations. With this computer technology, Dr. John Freemon can design and produce a custom-made dental crown in just one visit, providing you with a new smile without taking away from the holidays…. Read more »