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Have you ever wondered what it will take in your old age to ensure that your teeth will still be around? Have you already assumed your teeth will all fall out and you will have to be fitted for a tooth replacement treatment such as dentures? The truth is that teeth can last a lifetime if you are willing to take the steps ahead of time to care for them and keep them strong.

One of the best treatments for your smile is improving your brushing and flossing habits. If you are using a brush with hard bristles, give your teeth a chance to relax by switching to soft bristles. In addition, ensure you can clean your teeth effectively by switching to an electric toothbrush, which will make brushing easier and more efficient.

When flossing, take note of the dental floss you are using. Have you ever noticed if it has begun to shred when using it? If so, try switching to a stronger thread that will not fray, such as single filament thread. Another option is to abandon thread entirely and switch to a water flosser for all your interdental needs.

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